Welcome to the OMIOTIS Web Service!

This page provides useful details, examples and source code that will assist you in accessing the OMIOTIS web service.

The aim of the service is to provide easy access to our Wordnet based similarity metric. Third party software can now emply the OMIOTIS metric in a more systematic way, without needing to install additional software such as Wordnet, or RDBMS drivers.

Service WSDL

The WSDL file of the OMIOTIS Web Service can be found here.

Service Methods

The latest version of the service offers the following methods.

We have thought of each service as being a method in Java that takes one or more input parameters and returns an String as a reply. However, the String contains structured information, which corresponds to a more composite object. For this reason, we provide the signature of methods in Java, give the source code of the necessary Java classes and some examples on how the services can be employed.

Necessary classes


The following source code provides a demo of how the Omiotis Web Services can be used. All classes listed above are needed for the demo to work.
Sample code.