Welcome to the demo page of our Thesaurus-based Measure of Semantic Relatedness

OMIOTIS is a new approach for measuring the relatedness between text segments, based on implicit semantic links between their words, as offered by WordNet.
It does not require any type of training, since it exploits only WordNet to devise the implicit semantic links between text words.

In this demo you have three options:
  1. Find the semantic relatedness for a pair of words.
    In this case you must follow this link:
    Term relatedness
  2. Find the semantic relatedness (called 'omiotis' in Greek) for a pair of phrases.
    In this case you must follow this link:
    Phrase relatedness
  3. Alternatively you can access the OMIOTIS web service here.
    You can find more information and examples on how to use this service, at the
    OMIOTIS Web Service Info page

If you need more details on the OMIOTIS measure, please check our publications page.